Who We Are

Palindromes is a United States based, privately held corporation. Our principal business locale is in the Midwestern United States, with presence in Washington D.C., New York City, and Canada.  Our diversified project portfolio focuses on sustainable and socially responsible access to the world’s most basic needs:  food, water, energy, shelter and clothing—necessities for collective economies and their working people to thrive.

Palindromes is a vertically integrated community of wholly owned subsidiaries, affiliates, joint ventures, and collaborative partners. We work in agricultural genetics, inputs, and production; value-add food processing; commodities trading; port and logistics; risk management; marketing; building products and construction materials; energy interdependent processes in all applicable fields; and the commercialization of environmentally conscious technologies.

We recognize the ever-increasing importance of international trade between the Americas and the world at large, hence our mission to connect the modern Silk Road to our abundant commodities, eco-agricultural inputs, emerging building products, and advanced innovations.   In elevating rural communities globally, improving logistic efficiencies, and promoting the transparency of all parties in the transaction, we ensure mutually beneficial and financially equitable results—results that improve lives and build strong, stable regional economies.

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Our Story

Palindromes was formed to bring together industry-relevant, multi-generational regional companies, and to provide a competitive platform for elevation into the global marketplace. Our leadership has spent years conducting market intelligence and analyzing how to improve access to and quality of the most basic human needs. We strive for improved connectivity with international markets through direct work with local farmers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. By enhancing the strengths and serving the needs and interests of each region, we promote direct, mutually beneficial, and balanced routes to trade, investment, and partnerships that cultivate healthy, sustainable business relationships.

As consumers become increasingly interested where their food and goods originate, and how their dollars can provide greater support for related local businesses and farmers, it is now time to provide a modern model that meets the demand. Palindromes, Inc. is at the forefront of collaboration between local, state, federal, and foreign policymakers; businesses; farmers; and the financial community to lead this transition.

Authentic Leadership

Palindromes is led by qualified individuals with a shared vision and the capability to revolutionize multiple interrelated industries at once. With uncompromising integrity and resolve in their efforts, they power through challenges to ensure beneficial opportunities in the regions where they work.

We are not big-business magnates driven by the typical corporate bottom-line demands. Instead, we are legal and business minds raised on diversified family farms; scientists developing breakthrough technologies; pioneers creating sustainable agricultural alternatives; leaders with passion for changing status quo; and visionaries that are implementing better ways to provide access to our basic needs.

Philosophical Belief

Our philosophy is in the nature of our name. A palindrome is that which reads the same backward as forward. We believe that connecting people, companies, investments, products, and markets should result in mutually beneficial back-and-forth exchanges. No one side of the equation should be weightier than the other.

It is our mission to bring the Americas into the revitalized Silk Road. We focus on the strengths of each local region and provide them access to the global market. We believe that localization with globalization is the new revolution.

In recruiting experienced companies and operations teams with known local brands to join our vertical community, we incorporate their knowledge and know-how. We don’t just want to provide necessary goods, we want to build relationships with the people who conduct business with us. In this way, we are traditionalists, working to create a sense of community often lost in the current global marketplace. By understanding the historical data and market trends, we are able to prioritize people and business relationships while still maintaining profit. Our distinguished approach to business is what has allowed us to build an impressive, diversified portfolio with funding solely from its founders prior to any corporate launch.

Our philosophy demands of us that we build economic, social, and environmental sustainability by paying above fair value for products that meet Palindromes’ high standards. We don’t support the top of the chain—we support independent family farms, local businesses, and teach eco-friendly growing methods. The New Silk Road presents us a chance to weave the fabrics of torn nations together.

Differentiated Approach

Rather than chasing money, we take bold, calculated risks on radical technologies and businesses worldwide. We have forged a unique, interdependent operational system that creates sustainability, fosters creativity, and provides a platform for strategic growth upon which these technologies and businesses can build their collective success. Our approach can be broken down into five points of operation.

  1. The Project Structuring aspect of our approach puts a globally applicable spin on the Chinese joint venture (JV) model. Working with likeminded, industry-relevant investors, industry-related regional leaders, and our management team, we create a single model that directly connects markets and allows everyone a vested interest in the success of the exchange. The JV model brings all parties the benefit of the existing local workforce, facilities, and sales/distribution channels to build good relationships and avoid the bureaucratic complexities of each region.

  2. The Management Operation works with each independently owned subsidiary, joint venture (JV), and strategic partnership that form our vertical community. Our management promotes nimbleness within fast-paced marketplaces while maintaining sustainable, strategic growth.

  3. The Investment Operation oversees our compliant Palindromes Fund, housed in New York. The fund deploys growth capital, fund merges/acquisitions, and finances for small businesses/producers. Additionally, it works to maximize incentives and limited partnership joint-venture investments.

  4. The Creative Operation is the branding and marketing arm of our central operational system. We work collectively to define both how and what we want to drive public perception. Each entity within the larger system is individually branded, as we do with our new legal structures and terminology.

  5. The Quantitative Brain serves as our market intelligence in determining the future value of commodities with reliable risk mitigation. We rely upon quantifiable historical data in risk-management and forecasting alongside real-time market study and projection to create our tailored approaches for each business activity. We rely on both publicly exchanged/disclosed and proprietary data to study real-world scenarios.

Corporate Culture

“Freedom Within a Framework” is a concept initially implemented by Neville Isdel, former CEO of Coca-Cola. It allows freedom to geographic leadership teams with local expertise in running a business while still working within a pre-designed core structure—not so much a strict boundary as a guideline that defines the whole in terms of its parts. A minimum core structure serves as the constant throughout each geography’s leadership, but everything beyond is left to the discretion of those with the applicable expertise and know-how. Order and integrity can be maintained while still allowing for the flexibility to survive and thrive in varying global markets.

Our framework—our interdependent operational system—promotes the nimbleness required to adapt to rapidly changing markets, the practice of social responsibility and business as a service to people, the humanity to help foster mutually beneficial business ventures, and the willingness to embrace creativity in all fields of operation; whether it be invention, production, marketing, trade, or just about anything else.

The Legacy

Too often the visionaries behind revolutionary technologies fall thankless and silent to the wayside. By acknowledging and honoring the people behind the work that will reinvent our future, we promote an atmosphere of collective understanding and spark new levels of innovation. Already we feature some of the most prominent scientists of today, each of them driven to ensure humanity a bright and different future with their hundreds of combined patents.