Seres (pronounced: seers) was the contemporary term for people of the region known as Serica, one of the easternmost Asian countries known to Ancient Greek and Roman geographers along the old Silk Road to North China. The Latin forms—Serica and Seres—derive from the Greek word for silk, and extended meaning to refer to the silk trade routes of the time. Seres Trade & Consulting, LP, and Seres Transport & Logistics, LP, are wholly owned entities of Palindromes that provide a platform for business along the Yangtze River to connect seamlessly with businesses along the Mississipi River. We plan to enter Public/Private Partnership Models at key sites along inland waterways in the Missouri, Illinois, and Ohio Rivers.

The economic dynamics between Asia and Europe are in transition toward a focus on efficiency in customs and cargo movement as trade agreements see contemporary renewals. “New Silk Road Cities” are rising all along revitalized trade routes thanks to a strategic Chinese government initiative known as the “21st Century Maritime Silk Route Economic Belt.”

We lead a charge to enhance this economic network by extending it to the Americas and bringing public/private ports, cities, rural communities, and the strengths of each region into rejuvenated exchange. Our sites are strategically placed to allow easy transfer between river/air transportation and rail/truck, and provide efficient domestic distribution and movement to foreign markets.

We are currently working to create an affiliated joint venture entity for the purposes of entering into a sustainable, multi-year agreement for the import of cement and other bulk commodities pursuant to our internal consortium needs. Organizations like the United Soybean Board and the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council are working to ensure the necessary infrastructure, processes, and approvals are in place to help support the shipment and processing of high oleic soybeans. These approvals are key to long-term success, as the majority of U.S. soybeans are currently exported. To learn more about this in particular, you can visit the Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council online at mosoy.org.