Soy Crush


The PAL SEDES Soy Crush will allow us to control the final crushing of the NON-GMO beans to produce value-added milk, oil and other products. The Company is currently undergoing a pre-feasibility study to build a Soy Crush at Pemiscot, MO. We have leading engineers to design a plant that will achieve higher premium crushing abilities to produce ‘specialty’ products.

The State of Missouri is helping fund the pre-feasibility study, while the sub-state of Missouri is also looking at providing an infrastructure grant of over $1m for improvements. The Crush will receive, aggregate and store whole NON-GMO soy beans from throughout the Midwestern United States.

Acquiring the option to take up this specific plot of land was intentional. It will be built at the junction where the Ohio and Illinois rivers merge into the Mississippi River at the Port of Pemiscot. Located near Caruthersville, MO, this is the ideal position to allow farmers to transport soy beans via ‘container on barge’ movement.

The beauty of this world-class facility is that it will NOT use typical hexane chemical crush methods, employed in most crushing plants throughout the US despite having known harmful health effects.

This greenfield project focuses on the construction of a soy bean crushing and processing facility which will crush and process value-added, NON-GMO soy beans for the expansion of high-value markets. Some of these markets include high-value feed for the production of premium meat products, refined NON-GMO, high oleic acid soy bean oil for human and animal consumption, as well as other high-value industrial uses.

The surrounding growing area, Mississippi, Illinois and Arkansas, is the most prominent soy bean region in the US.

In 2018, Palindromes grew NON-GMO High Oleic soy beans on 200 acres of the site.