Premium Proteins


In addition to SEDES’ focus on soybean/hemp meal, oil, crush, and protein, we also employ two natural, superior closed-loop productions systems for premium proteins. The Finest in American Pork is a Midwestern United States project focused on producing and providing non-GMO, organic, antibiotic-free pork. Our extensive network of family farms work with selective genetics and superior breeds, and our quality management systems ensure a humane raising process, free of growth hormones or antibiotics. Our extra effort, attention to detail, and devotion to animal welfare result in a premium product, and our approach has created a multi-award-winning program that has received accolades from meat export federations and rural/community recognition alike. We have been honored and recognized in Hollywood productions, commercials, documentaries, and more.

Alongside pork, The Finest in American Beef is our beef production and processing integrated system. Our cattle are raised in the rolling green of the Midwestern United States; selected from superior, proven genetics; handled with individualized attention; and allowed a combination of grass-grazing and special, formulated, but natural feed to maximize performance and surpass qualifications for consumer-driven domestic market demands and strenuous export standards.

The industry experience and leadership throughout our organization is evidenced by our ability to attract renowned family-owed farms and ranches to participate in our closed-loop production system. It is our priority to support the pure, rural American way of farmers and ranchers passionate about raising award-winning livestock. Our passion in sustaining the lifestyle results in an unparalleled product.