PAL SEDES is a division of the Company focused on specialty NON-GMO soy beans. Its ultimate goal is to give opportunity for farmers to diversify and produce a specialty soy bean where there is demand, for both domestic and export, and to reward the farmers for their value-added work.

When the team traveled to China, the largest grower of NON-GMO and organic soy beans in the world, they immersed themselves for several years in the soy bean and hog industries throughout Asia. They found there was a shortage of NON-GMO soy beans for the Chinese and other Asian markets, providing an opportunity for growing an export market for US soy bean farmers.



Returning to the United States, they discovered ground-breaking NON-GMO soy bean genetics, available through the University of Missouri. They also found a seed company which had commercialized the use of such genetics. And, not only was some commercial seed available, the genetics had increased the protein traits in the soy beans, making the feed even more valuable for human and animal consumption.

The team saw the potential to build two specialty, interdependent and closed loop systems focused on:

– the production, processing and sale of specialty NON-GMO soy beans

– the production, processing and sale of specialty branded pork products



While discovering the genetics for the NON-GMO, high protein soy beans, which would become the basis of the new specialty pork feed, the team discovered there was no commercial quantity of this seed available to the market.

The importance of building the numbers of seeds was realized, and Palindromes entered into an agreement to secure NON-GMO soy bean seed for multiplication and planted 11,000 acres in 2018.



The team also discovered that the genetics in these high protein NON-GMO soy beans were also in high demand for use in human food products like tofu, especially for the Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese markets.