Commerce Entente™


Commerce Entente™ is a new spin on the cooperative business model that has worked somewhat effectively over the last century. While the concept of a cooperative is fantastic in that it allows people to come together and provide for economies of scale, vertical integration is more effective than in other, typically run businesses. Those in part are given access to things they might not have otherwise, including pooled healthcare, insurance, and better access to markets.

While all of these qualities are good, there are some things that cooperatives have not done so well. For instance, because of the nature of the rapidly changing global market, it is hard to come to timely group decisions. We cannot undo globalization, as the reality is this: we have always lived in a global world. The Old Silk Road was proof of a world trade route long ago. If someone had spice, they would switch for silk, or vice versa. We want to bring back the model of “We do this, you do that, so let’s swap!”

The “entente” aspect of our term focuses on a “nobody is wrong” approach. We need to, as a people, do a better job of listening to what drives the opposing side, and then reach a resolution that works for both. One of our least favorite words is “fair.” “Fairness” implies that there is a conflict that needs resolution. We believe that in understanding the idiosyncrasies of each region and the needs of either side, we can employ a proprietary and comprehensive operational system that brings benefit to both parties. No conflict, only good.

The world is neither round nor flat, let’s end that debate. The world is multi-dimensional, this we believe.

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