Future in Building


Emerging Composite Products boasts unrivaled technological advancements in building products and construction materials, using both cement- and gypsum-based materials that do not melt or burn; are stronger than the competition, while significantly cheaper; are environmentally friendly; and perform thermal conductance with unprecedented efficiency. ECP is the solution to the current building inferno problem—a result of poor construction standards largely implemented within the last ten years. Fires mostly due to poor exterior cladding and fire doors have claimed lives in such well-developed locales as London, Melbourne, Atlantic City, and Dubai. Their governments are seeking to either modify or better enforce their current standards, and ECP’s products will be at the forefront of an imminent change in the building products space.

We plan to introduce ECP’s well-rounded, patented product portfolio to the east by way of the New Silk Road and the access that our SERES port initiative brings. You can visit ECP’s website here.