Conservation of Energy


Conservation impacts all areas of our work. In every area where we currently handle business, we make use of sound practices that better utilize the available indigenous resources. For example, the concrete used in ECP’s building materials use less water and cement than what is expected, saving materials for further production and making the best use out of raw materials that we can. Our pork processing plants—as a further example—make use of rooftop solar panels while focusing on recycling all components in the line of production. Even our waste can be captured and repurposed to create veritable energy independence.

In every project we take on, we look for options for energy conservation and sustainability, while maintaining a business scope. To elaborate, we point to the use of Asian Carp in the Mississippi River during the 1970’s as a counter to weeds and parasite growth. A blind focus on the immediate environmental cause led to a lack of foresight that today has resulted in an overpopulation Asian Carp that threatens the indigenous life of the Mississippi as it has been for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.