“SEDES” | More Than Just Seeds™


Agricultural inputs are the cornerstone of Palindrome operations. SEDES (pronounced: seeds)—one of two palindromes that represent the most important aspects of our management system—was formed to provide our farmers a production alternative that encourages direct, transparent access to markets and consumers, all while providing a healthier, more traceable option. The Latin meaning of the word “sedes” translates roughly to location, or place. Given that the environment is one of the most crucial factors in plant growth, it is our priority to offer a diversified portfolio of seeds with genetics specifically tailored to each region in which we work to ensure maximum yield.

A recently conducted independent demand study on future soy-bean growth in the central mid-western United States resulted in projections showing that with the current genetic supply, producers will only be able to reach 18 million acres of growth by the year 2023. However, the commercial, industrial, and retail demand for soybean products is projected to require around 30 million acres by 2019. So it is that the main focus of our SEDES program is currently to provide the North American market with sustainable, non-GMO soybeans. Our first course of action is to begin with closed-loop product systems, moving on to static related industries worldwide.

We will invest in infrastructure and equipment, commit to a multi-year strategy, and conduct significant producer networking throughout Canada and the United States. We ensure a fair cost of production, support for the producers, powerful marketing, variety in seed development, and an understanding of solutions for the product’s financial needs. We intend to provide the consumer with the “Power of Choice” so as to strategically penetrate both domestic and international markets and supply specialty soybean food types such as sprouts, tofu, milk, edamame, soynuts, and more.