To build and protect specialty products by engaging consumers

and rewarding farmers for their value-added contributions.

Palindromes’ philosophy is one of agricultural correction through the establishment of supply and demand for specialty, value-added products. Following the successful roadmap of de-commoditizing coffee, founders Brian Urquhart and Karla Klingner joined together from worlds apart. Behind them a lineup of likeminded professionals from widely varied fields have rallied, all with a shared interest in relieving the strained agricultural industry. Karla Klingner, CEO, has her own background on farms, growing up with her family in rural Missouri and working in law related to inland waterway trade; Brian Urquhart, co-founder, comes from a world-renowned career as an animal feed nutritional scientist; Ben Evans brings his extensive international operations knowledge in creating and sustaining food business; Russ Kremer, pork magnate, offers his invaluable success in pork farming; Chris Fender provides top-tier expertise in soy bean and seed development and distribution; and Jonette Wilton, prolific Australian food and travel publisher and a key figure in the de-commoditization of coffee, delivers the Company contemporary and effective marketing.

Palindromes personnel come from all over the world, and everyone has a common thread – their understanding of and empathy for agricultural industries. We have acquired specialists from within industries involved in each of our closed loop systems from geneticists, food nutrition scientists, agronomists, economists, food writers, PR and marketing experts, farmers… all with the intention of making essential changes to the farming commodity markets.

The Company operates as a vertical community, driven by that shared vision of a better agricultural industry, while not sacrificing the concepts of healthy yield and profit.